The 4 Minute Rule…

An interesting “4-minute-rule” idea.


I mentioned the other day on here that I had the chance to see a motivational speaker at one of his talks recently. His main emphasis was on positivity and keeping that positive frame of mind, showing how beneficial and crucial that is to our over all happiness. He really focused and reinforced that WE are in control of our mood. One thing I took away from it that I found very helpful, that my Mum reminded me of the other day when I wasn’t really feeling up to the day was ‘The 4 Minute Rule.’

The 4 Minute Rule is for days or situations or experiences where you’re really not feeling up to it, where you would rather be anywhere but there, where you look at your plan for the day and would really rather just not get up. The thing is, we can spend that whole time being…

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Blog #6: #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution

It might be a little late on writing the article about #OccupyCentral, or #UmbrellaRevolution, or what some locals may call, incident 928 (indicating the protest started on September 28th). But, as a blogger, I feel the responsibility of raising just that little bit of awareness to the online world of what Hong Kong’s protest is about.

A tiny tiny background…

A made up shrine to mock CY Leung (chief executive of Hong Kong)

A made up shrine mocking CY Leung (Chief Executive of Hong Kong)

Just to give you a brief idea, Occupy Central is named as a historically significant protest that is happening in Hong Kong currently. They are fighting for true democracy (ie. given equal rights to vote for their leader) over what they have now. Okay, I admit that I do have a slight confusion about the political system in Hong Kong, but what I can inform you is that the system they currently have is in favour towards the Chinese government (ie. the bills/regulations HK citizens want to pass are all dependent upon the Chinese government’s decisions).

How the protest started…

So, I was actually visiting Hong Kong with a friend when the protest started. I didn’t think it was a big deal at first simply because Hong Kong has had its long list of protests since 1997. The news about it came up a few times, but I didn’t care much at all. Oh, I thought, here goes another protest! The clip played a group of students crowding around the government headquarters, and policemen were given orders to carry them away one by one. That was when Occupy Central started.

Things start to heat up when police used pepper spray and tear gas bombs onto the crowd of students on the first night of Occupy Central. For those of you unfamiliar to the living standards in Hong Kong, may I tell you that Hong Kong is rated one of the most safest cities to live in! A news like this totally surprised everyone. Eventually, it caused a huge media outbreak; all Hong Kong TV and radio news content are filled with shocking news about the violence, Facebook was bombarded with videos of tear gas bombs, and even my personal Whatsapp group chats were onto it too. Unexpectedly (from the government), the phenomenon actually resulted more people to support the protest.

And I decided to join in as well.

My involvement with the protest…

I was glad that one friend of mine asked me to go and support the protest. It wasn’t really peer pressure; I

really wanted to support them before they officially asked. Before that, I figured it was difficult to go by myself, as I am not a local in Hong Kong.

I have never attended any protest or any political involvement prior my visit in Admiralty (the area where the protest all started). Actually, I never really cared about the politics happening in Canada either (statistically, my generation made up the least amount of votes the last time I remembered). It was, indeed, actually a pretty big deal for me to support the protest in Hong Kong while I was there. But I was glad that I went; I have experienced the most gracious and united group ever. It is very, VERY rare to have such a huge group of protesters working and acting together, keeping calm even in the scorching hot weather, and be very well organized as a society (they managed to build first aid stations, supply stations, and even study areas…really?? Wow!). Being part of the protesters totally threw me off guard; I never expected to be so welcomed and well treated like a family! At that point, all I could think of is how the government has completely underestimated their abilities.

Personal Reflections

To be honest, it was a sudden realization how privileged I was to be a Canadian citizen. Many of us are spoiled; we didn’t need to fight for democracy, and we took it for granted. I am 23 and I have not even voted for anything at all. Seeing how young high school teenagers fight for their part as a society definitely made me feel quite shameful. They’ve definitely taught me a valuable lesson, and they are worth the praise. I will definitely continue the support of Hong Kong’s democracy. Hope this article will actually raise some kind of awareness for them!

Thanks for reading!

Blog #5: I just did something crazy.

Hey everyone,

First of all, I want to mention two new pages I’ve added as a book review and a self help tip. The book review is focused on Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. Some of you might noticed that I’ve mentioned this book on blog #4. Based on the book, I’ve also created a self help post on Why You Should Change Your Mindset. So please check them out!

Now on to the crazy thing…

For some of you book lovers out there, this might not seem like a big deal to you. But to me and to most of the book “haters”, I just did something crazy.

I bought a book that is thicker than a bible. :O

Now, the reason why I bought this book was simply because it’s super cheap. I was strolling down the Wal-Mart aisles and came across the book section. Then, I saw that book. A book that contains two novels that costs $5 CAD. It is CHEAP. S 2014-04-10 22.07.17o, I went ahead and purchased the book without really thinking what I’ve gotten myself into.

I purchased this book last week. So far, it seems that reading the entire book is do-able. I’ve already read half of the first novel (a quarter of the entire book), and it seems alright! Hopefully I can do a book review for that book just so I feel like I’ve accomplished something big after reading it.

Thanks for reading the post! Hope you didn’t take a long time reading it. God bless 😉

Blog #4: New Self-Help Tip on Relationships!

Hey everyone,

I just want to update you guys on a new self-help tip on relationships! You can find it under “Self-Help Tips” tap or click on this link.

This is for sure one of the pages that makes me a little nervous to publish. But I hope you guys enjoy the read and please leave a comment there below. =)

God bless,


P.S. I just want to share that I finally found a part time employment with CPS Fundraising! 😉 Praise the Lord!

Blog #3: Update for the Next Book Review!

Good news everyone! I’ve just started reading a new book titled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck. To briefly summarize, this book explores a new kind of opportunity to become successful and defines a mindset for it.

How did I come across this book?

So, I was on a 4-day trip to Portland a few weeks ago, and I visited2014-03-25 16.05.52 the famous Powell’s City of Books in downtown. I was strolling down their aisles of books, and came across a bookshelf titled as “Business Bestsellers”. Coincidentally, I was trying to find the newest and greatest business books ever at the moment. There, I was exploring which business book to read for my next book review. And I found it! But oddly enough, I didn’t buy the book until the last day of the trip at Barnes & Noble in Clackamas Town Center. Why? I guess I was afraid of buying a book that I won’t read, but I bought it anyway.

A brief thought about this book…

If you’re going to spend the entire Spring to read one book, I suggest you to read this book. It has around 250 pages, but trust me, it won’t seem long to finish. So far, I’ve spent the entire afternoon reading (on page 66 right now) and I’m intrigued. In comparison to the previous book I’ve read, Overcoming Emotions That Destroy, I’ll have to say that this book is much more interesting.

I aim to finish this book by this week (and hopefully I’ll have time for that). So, stay tuned!

Have you read this book? Or do you have some other suggestions? Please feel free to comment below!

Blog #2: Navigating My Website

Hey everyone,

Just so you guys know that I’ve just recently added a new book review. I am so happy that I finally get to finish it! And I just want to thank God for giving me the time and motivation to do so. Please check it out, it’s the full book review about Overcoming Emotions That Destroy.

Please note: If I do add a new page, it might not be posted as the most recent post. Sometime, somehow, and somewhere, I’ll try to fix that problem.


To Everyone, What Can Cause Anger?

Question to you guys, have you guys ever wonder why we get angry? Today as I was waiting for my car to get checked, I’ve opened up the book that I left sitting on my bedroom floor for the past few months. The book is titled as Overcoming Emotions That Destroy: Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings That Ruin Relationships by Chip Ingram and Dr. Becca Johnson. My friend gift it to me on the day of my baptism, and she sure hoped that I won’t be offended receiving the book.

2014-04-01 11.56.51So, what do I think about this book?

Although I still have not finished this book (I am very slow at reading), the first 50 pages already told me that this book is definitely worth my time to finish it. The first part of the book introduced three types of people: Spewers, Stuffers, and Leakers. This part was quite new to me. I’ve always thought that only Spewers need to deal with anger. But, this book is proving me wrong! Apparently, it’s also dangerous to become Stuffers and Leakers. The consequences of becoming Stuffers and Leakers are just as bad as Spewers!

Now back to the question, what can cause anger?

Firstly, the book mentioned that there are many background factors between each individuals of how they react. Different personalities and cultures can affect the way we deal with anger. Anger is an emotion that lets us signal and tell people that something just isn’t right. For example, often times we get angry when we feel that something is unjust or unfair. Or maybe it is a matter of self-righteousness, that you are right and they are wrong! Sometimes we let our own ego cause this emotion to happen. It may also be the insecurities that each one of us had. But be careful, no matter what the cause is, the consequences of poorly dealing with anger can be dangerous both physically and emotionally.

Is this book recommended for everyone? Even for non-believers?

Yes! It is great. You will definitely understand the contents of this book even if you do not believe in Christ. This book will offer greater insights of human behaviour, specifically on how to deal with anger. I still strongly suggest these books to everyone, especially for those who believe that anger is ruining their family relationships.

Please hang on tight for a book review on this! Or if you want, you can order this book at Amazon to read it yourself.